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DCTA Board members



Ryan Rivers

Orange Township

Vice President


Jason Haney

Concord Township 



Ron Bullard

Berlin Township  



 Dan Boysel 

Radnor Township




Sanda Stults
Scioto Township

Welcome to DCTA

About Us

The Delaware County Township Association(DCTA) is a countywide organization dedicated to promoting and preserving township government, through educational forums and lobbying efforts. 

The association was founded in the 60s, and includes all 18 townships in the county.  

Delaware County Township Association(DCTA) serves as a liaison between The Ohio Township Association(OTA) and each of the county’s 18 townships’ fiscal officers and trustees. The DCTA acts as a local representative for the OTA and is the primary conduit through which information flows from the OTA to the townships, and vice-versa. 

As different areas of the county face varying challenges at the local level, DCTA offers an intermediate level of support for our townships. 

Membership for the OTA for Delaware County townships is organized through DCTA. Any township official, Ohio resident or business that wishes to join the OTA as a member becomes a member through DCTA. For more information on membership levels, click here.

Besides an annual membership drive; which ends June 31, 2019, DCTA will hold business and social meetings. The OTA encourages County Township Associations to hold at least four meetings annually, with one focused on county officials and state legislators.

DCTA is called on to assist the OTA and participate in countywide lobbying efforts for legislation of importance to township government, and communicating local legislative needs to the OTA.

DCTA will also provide volunteers at the annual OTA Winter Conference and help plan educational workshops, OTA one-day sessions and regional meetings. DCTA members can also participate in countywide events, such as working at the booth at the Delaware County Fair or during First Fridays; and help plan events for Township Day each Feb. 1.

DCTA will work with local media outlets to promote positive economic development and county wide initiatives. 

To read the official Ohio Township Association County Association Handbook, click here.